I’ve committed my first code of the new design of it all. I’ve scribbled this design down in Notepad, but it should be pretty clear from the structure of the objects in com.schmal.domain.*. Additionally, I’ve tossed out a few drop-downs in the UI for giggles; they actually call the service methods via jQuery.ajax and are pretty snappy. Of course, I hardly have anything in my database.

Anyway, only the basic League information is done. I anticipate some struggles getting Hibernate to do what I want, so we’ll see how it goes.

As promised, here’s the color-coded status:

Back-end Design / Back-end Code

Front-end Design / Front-end Code


4 Responses to Re-design

  1. So I’m working on a Python app using lxml and requests libraries to scrape player stats. Was wondering if you’d be interested in using this to help populate your data.

    • tschmal says:

      Most of my scraping (at least of ESPN) is completed already and somewhat requires it be in Java. It’s fairly easy to scrape a site using Java and Jsoup, as well, and I fear that integrating it with someone else’s tool written in a different language might be more trouble than it’s worth. But thanks for the offer!

      • Just wondering, how does Jsoup handle cookies? Does your scraper access parts of the league behind the ESPN authentication?

      • tschmal says:

        Currently, it won’t work for leagues that aren’t viewable to the public. I’ve punted dealing with authentication now. Jsoup has the ability to send headers in with the document request, so I might be able to use that somehow. The EC2 instance is the one that actually accesses ESPN’s website to do the scraping, so we can’t really leverage the local user’s cookies. I’m no security expert though, and I don’t know what sort of authentication ESPN actually uses.

        I’m not sure if folks will want to give me their ESPN login, even if I encrypt it, just to scrape their league. I might just keep the restriction of “public leagues only”. Like I said, I’ve punted the issue for now; will deal with it later if need be.

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