Design, design, design…

May 1, 2013

I’ve done a lot of work (un-synced in GitHub) that “works,” but I’m not happy with it. I’ve been able to analyze box scores for a since team then run queries on that data to compile numbers exactly as displayed in ESPN… but I don’t like it. The design simply seems messy.

So, before I do yet another back-end re-design, I’m going to flesh out the UI design a bit. I think knowing what I want out of the UI will help a lot in knowing what endpoints (REST services) I need to write both for creating/updating data and (later) retrieving data.

As such, playing with CSS and some libraries has begun. With CSS, I’m always reminded of this GIF:



April 19, 2013

I’ve committed my first code of the new design of it all. I’ve scribbled this design down in Notepad, but it should be pretty clear from the structure of the objects in com.schmal.domain.*. Additionally, I’ve tossed out a few drop-downs in the UI for giggles; they actually call the service methods via jQuery.ajax and are pretty snappy. Of course, I hardly have anything in my database.

Anyway, only the basic League information is done. I anticipate some struggles getting Hibernate to do what I want, so we’ll see how it goes.

As promised, here’s the color-coded status:

Back-end Design / Back-end Code

Front-end Design / Front-end Code

Development Blog

April 17, 2013

Now that I’ve posted about my development project on Reddit, I feel I should have some sort of blog to keep anyone interested up-to-date. In general, I’m pretty awful at blogging as I lose interest very rapidly, but I feel like this project may have my attention and motivation for some time. I may be lazy about the blogging, but you can probably always check my GitHub to scope out code updates and whatnot.

Anyway, I’ll try to be good about posting updates and progress, along with snarky comments or venting about whatever library/tool I’m using that’s frustrating me (or ESPN’s frustrating web coding). For now, I’ll try to note progress via color coded words! Black means “shit, hardly even begun, if at all”, red means “started, but far away,” orange is “started, have some momentum”, and green is “working to some degree.” I have nothing above that, because this will probably never be fully completed. This will just track it to the point where there is some sort of deliverable that’s public.

So, with that in mind, here’s our initial status:

Back-end Design / Back-end Code

Front-end Design / Front-end Code

Clearly, I’m starting with the back-end. 😛

Also, I’m calling this “Project FAST.” What FAST? FAntasy STats. Huehuehuehue.